The Monk / CERN Physicist 2000

His name is Vincent but they call him „The Monk“. He believes in Buddha and elementary physics, and that both are in perfect harmony. CERN is Zen, experimentation and meditation are two paths leading to the same goal: knowledge. Or should that be: enlightenment?

Sie nennen ihn „den Mönch“. Er glaubt an Buddha und die Physik der Elementarteilchen. Und dass beides zusammenpasst wie zwei Hände in der Raute. CERN ist Zen, Experiment und Meditation sind Wege zur Erkenntnis. Oder doch besser: Erleuchtung?

65,00 inc. VAT / inkl. MWST.

Each Poster is printed on 300 gsm paper Jupp Crääm (white) on Hewlett Packard’s digital printing machine HP Indigo12000, the clear front runner in Digital Printing. In numerous comparative print runs supervised by the photographer himself, it has produced by far the most impressive results.

Price for each Poster is:
50 x 70 cm    :     65 EURO (incl. VAT)

For maximum protection during delivery, the posters are not rolled, but shipped in flat packing.

Shipment cost within Germany :10 Euro
Shipment cost within EU :20 Euro
Shipment Cost outside the EU :40 Euro

For further information, please contact us:

Possible Import Taxes:
For customers from  outside the EU, possible import taxes are carried by the customer and need to be paid according to the specific regulations of your tax authorities.

Photography Poster

The Monk / CERN Physicist 2000 © Peter Ginter
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