FineArt-Print : Winter Touch / Patagonia 2008

Peter Ginter Photography - FineArt-Print - Winter Touch - Patagonia Photographer

Winter Touch / Patagonia 2008

Way down South, the Chileans and the Argentines are in dispute who is closer to the pole. Doesn’t really matter – Patagonia is awfully chilly in both countries. Once it gets
cold, life turns a struggle for survival. You definitely want to avoid the first snowfall in Patagonia. But you have to see it.

Ganz unten auf dem Kontinent zanken sich Chilenen und Argentinier, wer näher am Südpol ist. Was soll’s, Patagonien ist in beiden Ländern eine herbe Angelegenheit. Selbst wenn es warm ist. Wenn es kalt ist, wird es bitter. Der erste Schnee in Patagonien – das musst du nicht haben. Aber sehen.

Prints are manufactured with the highest Quality Archival Papers by Hahnemühle Fine Art Ink Jet Paper (100% Cellulose of 350 gsm paper, such as Baryta FB and ISO Standard 9706, as required by museums and galeries) printed on EPSON Ultra Chrome HDR Ink.

Prints are available in these sizes :
42 x 59,4 cm (DIN A2)    :       950,00 EURO ***
60 x 80 cm                        :    1.850,00 EURO ***
80 x 120 cm                       :   2.750,00 EURO ***

*** ( incl. VAT / inkl. MwSt. )

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